We believe that each chocolate jewel is a personal message from us to you and the ones you love


Behind Babancu there are two passionate and successful artists. Chocolatier Lorena Rincon who was born in Venezuela the home of the world's best cacao beans and has long understood their special magic. She also understands the subtle beauty of nature's rarest gems and was inspired to combine these two loves into what has become the Babancu's  signature and delicious Chocolate Jewels.​

Filmmaker Roland Joffe discovered a love of the chocolatier's art when he was making his much admired film about one of the world's greatest chefs Francois Vatel.



Pure Passion Fruit:  A puree of South American passion fruit married to a milk chocolate ganache.
Mocha Cappucino: Coffee blended with a smooth chocolate ganache; layered with creamy caramel. 
Rich Rasberry: A delicious Belgian milk chocolate ganache layered with a raspberry pate de fruit.
Aromatic Yuzu: Exquisite Pate de fruit yuzu layered with milk chocolate ganache.
A Tot Rum: A smooth milk chocolate and Tahitian vanilla ganache blended with aged and oaky Diplomatico rum.
Mystic Spicy Pyramid: Smooth milk chocolate ganache with a pleasant stimulating chili.
Bergamot Spice: Creamy milk chocolate combined with an evocative citrus essence found in southern Italy.