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Conscious Fashion

“It isn’t enough just looking for the quality in the products we buy, we must ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who made them” ~ Orsola de Castro.

By Rebecca Spiteri

It’s ok to love fashion (I admit, guilty!), however, when shopping around, it’s so important to be responsible when shopping (and I’m not talking about the price). We need to take

certain things into consideration before we actually use our credit cards, and we have to do our research as well!

First, I wanted to say how important it is to take into consideration who made whatever you bought, be it hats, scarves, jewelry, clothes... Whether it is shopping around in your local mall or online, you can help your clothes’ and accessories’ makers by making sure that they are earning their fair share. It is not enough to just think about how cheap/affordable the product is, we need to be empathetic and help hard-workers allover the world by ensuring that they live a life of quality.

Secondly, I wanted to say that YES, fashion is important and it is something that people love to practice, myself included, however, it should be accessible to anyone. Over the years, the fashion industry skyrocketed and so have the products’ prices. Fashion has to be democratized, otherwise, we’ll return to how society was behaving in the past- having your dress code what you could afford, from what family you’re coming from and it also shed light on social class. Thing is, that if fashion were to be used in a good way, it could be a means to achieve social equality all over the world when everyone has access to it. All of it. In an equal way!

Finally, it’s so important to take the environment into consideration. We have to start searching for more sustainable brands or products that will help us impact the world even more. I admit, sustainable clothing has always been slightly more expensive than the common piece of clothing. However, as a community, we need to highlight this issue to all the fashion houses, boutiques, stores to shed light on taking care of the environment more- the Earth is our home after all!

Remember to always think about how your purchase will be affecting people’s lives, the environment and our home, planet Earth.

Rebecca x


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