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Sustainable Fashion

Most modern fashion brands will use whichever material is cheaper in order to optimize their investment and get a greater profit.

Thankfully, sustainable fashion brands come to the rescue making sure to use natural and organic materials that don’t harm the land or the health of their producers.

Nowadays a lot of brands are using recycled plastics to produce their clothing making it controversial since clothes or accessories made of recycled plastic are still made of plastic. And that comes with all the problems of synthetic clothes, such as the creation of micro plastics.


We promote products by selected designers worldwide whose aim is not to produce items in mass production but instead, smaller quantities that focus on the craftsmanship and detail. Argalios is definitely one who produces eco friendly bags made of woolen yarns and they attribute Greek traditional weaving art with a modern touch. They have created a unique Greek product based in the traditional art of loom, with a modern touch that can satisfy even the most chic and demanding audience.

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